My art is a reflection of my deep love of the natural world and my desire to share that experience with others.  In it I try to capture the beauty, complexity, honesty, and intoxicating, healing balm of nature.  I want others to be able to feel the damp mist from a waterfall, smell the moss and soil and leaves, hear the sound the creek makes as it rushes over ancient rocks, and birds as they call to one another high in the forest canopy.  I want them to experience the wondrous depth in the eyes of a doe, the strength and gentleness of a bear with her cubs, and the joy and peace that comes from the silence of being deep in a mountain forest.

The majority of my subject matter comes from the mountains of Northeast Georgia, partcularly Goshen Mountain.  It is what I love and what gives me energy, fuels me, brings me to tears and fills me with joy.